Orthomolecular Microscopy – For Practitioners

Jackson Health Sciences – BloodScan™ product is a unique Nutritional & Metabolic Profiling System for Practitioners who want:

  • to incorporate a preventative approach to health care in their practice
  • a proven wellness benchmarking tool that is based on proven scientific principles
  • to improve patient compliance
  • to increase clinic profits
Training Options

Jackson Health Sciences offers training in:

  • Wet Mount (Live) Blood Cell Analysis
  • Stained White Blood Cell evaluation and interpretation
  • Dried Blood Evaluation
  • BloodScan Reporting System Software and Equipment
  • Certificate in Orthomolecular Microscopy
  • STUDY AT HOME in your own time and at your own pace
Find out more

Whether you are a Practitioner or a Patient, find out how our Software™ has helped thousands of people world-wide unravel the information held between the very cells of our body.

Learn to interpret your health at a cellular level through the using our our revolutionary methods of analysis.